VOL DOG ​​was born in Barcelona, ​​specifically in our design & architecture studio VOL DOS, by joining our passion for design and devotion to animals.

Inspiration comes from our first dog Scott, a golden retriever. Our main idea was to provide him with comfort and quality products for his resting and walking times.


Our aim is to create a project that integrates pet products, with a modern and innovative design, according to the aesthetics of our homes. Our dogs occupy a very important place in our daily lives. Why not make their world live together more harmoniously with ours?

 From VOL DOG ​​we offer a series of products with simple lines, based on our own experience as interior designers and architects, that is, using the same materials and fabrics that are commonly used for the manufacture of contemporary and quality furniture, taking into account not only its aesthetics, but also its resistance, functionality, safety and sustainability.

We have designed each product with a differentiating component, be it the type of fabric or the type of material or the form of it, making them exclusive and full of character


Good and beautiful for us & them too!