There are people who manage to change the world, in this case, the world of elderly dogs. This incredible person is Montse Bou, architect by profession, left the architecture practice for a life change and found PROJECTE EMPATHIA, focused on the most vulnerable dogs, those who need it most, so they can live a family-full of love life the time they have left.

Her plan is to grow to be able to accommodate more new gratefull inhabitants. She wants to expand through her country house, with recycled and converted containers in a stable home for them. Spaces with cozy domestic environments, in constant company of volunteer caregivers.

She wants to add more names to her dog family, let's join our hands and paws and see how the story continues!

We are fascinated by the idea of ​​helping them, a small gesture that will help improve the lives of Empathia's dogs. A simple way to be supportive and to support the incredible work they are carrying out.

VOLDOG will allocate € 1 of each purchase for the Empathia project.